United Markets Has Everything You Need

United Markets has partnered up with Delivery Guys to provide Grocery Delivery Service to our customers. You can be confident while shopping online that you will get the same personal service as if you were shopping in our stores. Shop online for all of your favorite products and we will bring the order to your doorstep on the same day. Try it today!


We Want to Make Sure Our Customer’s Are Satisfied!


Hands down our FAVORITE market in Marin. The spirit of the gentlemanly owner, Bill Daniels, trickles down everywhere, and makes it a completely (and genuinely) friendly environment. Love their produce, their prices, and the fact that it’s just about one-stop shopping there!” – Bettina D., Facebook


Have you ever entered in to a store and feel like you are at home? Well then you need to go to United Market in San Rafael. Their meats and produce are so fresh, home made soups, cheese’s that you will not find any where else! Their employees are awesome. You have to try their new custom full service meat department. You actually can talk directly to a knowledgeable butcher…..you don’t have to ring a bell and stand and wait for service!. You will never buy from somewhere else again because you can’t beat the quality!” – Tami E., Facebook


United’s deli is so good, I’ll go out of my way to get a sandwich there. The breads, cheeses and meats are all first class. The meat on your sandwich is sliced before your eyes, not unrolled from a piece of plastic. Hot foods, multiple tasty salads, olives and other treats can be found. Get there!” – Terry G., Google